Positive Mental Health Quotes

I leave 16 mental health quotes that professionals like Abraham Maslow, Wayne Dyer or Sigmund Freud wrote,I am sure will help so much in the fastest world rapidly changing and fast. We feel sometimes tends to steal our stability or mental health

 1-Self esteem is so important to our well-being as legs to a table. It is essential for physical and mental health and for happiness.-Louise Hart.

2-Negative attitudes are never in a life-positive. Emma White.

3-Some seek the comfort of your therapist’s office, others go to the corner bar and beers are made, but I choose my terapy.-run like Dean Karnazes.

4- The mental health needs a lot of attention. It is a final taboo and has to be addressed and result.-Adam Ant.

5-When you expose all of your interior, you can live freely with nothing to hide.-Angela Hartlin.

6-A desire to be in charge of our own lives, a need for control is born in each of us. It is essential for our mental health and our success, we take the control.-Robert Foster Bennett.

7-The obstacles are fearful things you see when your eyes off your goal.-Henry Ford.

8-Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.-John Wooden.

9-Depression is the inability to build a future.-Rollo May.

10-The punishment of all disordered mind is its own desorder.-Augustine.

11 Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but is more common and more difficult to hold.-C. S. Lewis.

12-What you need to change in a person’s consciousness if  itself Abraham Maslow.

13-If you change the way you look at things, the things you look changes.-Wayne Dyer.

14-No stress in the world, only people thinking stressful thoughts .-Wayne Dyer.

15-The state of your life is nothing but a reflection of the state of your mind.-Wayne Dyer.

16-High life: life treat you in the way you teach people to treat you.-Wayne Dyer.

Boost Your Brain Power

Here’s a great post by SharpBrains that simplifies how to increase your mental edge.  Because a healthy brain is imperative to a productive and truly enjoyable life, you’ll want to follow these four steps to keep you on the right track.   

1. Physical Exercise
If you can only do one thing, do something cardiovascular, meaning something that gets your heart beating faster.

2. Mental Exercise
If you can only do one thing, learn something new every day.

3. Good Nutrition
… If you can only do one thing, eat more vegetables, particularly green leafy ones.

4. Stress Management
If you can only do one thing, set aside 5-10 minutes to just breathe deeply and recharge.

I’d like to sum this up by stressing point #2, this is highly underrated in our computerized, televisionized, and utterly cognitively deprived society.  You can be different, get out of your comfort zone and learn something new today; read for knowledge, perform a new workout, challenge your body and challenge your mind…

Go for it!

Your Spouse Effects Your Health

 Research shows that your spouse effects how well you recover from surgery or other health issues.  Personality traits such as negativity, depression, anxiety and anger all contribute to increased depression in the patient, resulting in lessened ability to recover or survive following a surgery.

   We have long known that a person’s mood effects their health and well-being, and a positive attitude leads to good recovery rates in the short term.  This study is different in that it is exploiting long term health effects a negative partner has on your health.

…the spouse’s personality – quite independent of the patient’s own personality – exhibited a major influence on how well the patient was feeling and progressing towards recovery…

Depression is an important consideration in the treatment of cardiac patients as it is increasingly recognized as a significant risk factor in heart attacks and death.

   Happiness and optimism are the best medicine for recovery, 51% of American women have their own solution.  

Neuroticism Leads to an Early Grave

Its important to be Calm on temper for a better Health Mental Days as an interesting study followed 1600 men over a total of 18 years, tracking how neurotic they were, whether they got worse of better over time, and assessed their mortality risks.  

At the conclusion of the study,  Purdue University psychologist Daniel Mroczek found, “those who increased over time in neuroticism was a ticket to an early grave. In other words, these men-all middle age or older to begin with-did not grow old gracefully. They likely got more and more stressed, worried or fretful, and this downward spiral increased their risk for dying, mostly from cancer and heart disease.”

On the lighter side, those men who were able to calm down had survival rates closer to emotionally stable men. 

Why A Laugh a Day

Scientists and comedians alike, such as Patch Adams, have proved time and time again that laughter is the best medicine.  Just as exercise releases endorphins, or “feel good hormones,” so does laughter.

   But laughter does much more than that.  Laughter increases your heart rate and breathing, increases blood flow (through the expansion of blood vessels), and boosts your immune system (through increasing infection-fighting antibodies and levels of immune cells).  All of these positive influences on your health will reduce stress and help you get a better night of sleep.

   ABC News sites a study by leading researcher Lee Burk that tracked heart patients at Loma Linda University over one year’s time.  

   The 48 patients were divided up into two groups, one of which watched 30 minutes of comedy every day, in addition to their regular cardiac care program.  The other group didn’t see the movies…

   …”Heart attacks diminished drastically in the group that watched the comedies,” says Berk.  Other symptoms improved to the point that medications were reduced.  Only two of the patients who watched the movies had heart attacks during the experiment, compared to 10 who did not see the movies.”

   Also in the news, a Japanese scientist is:  “unlocking the secrets of the funny bone,” which he believes can cheer up people’s genes.  According to geneticist Kazup Markami:

   Genes are usually regarded as immutable, but in reality more than 90 percent of them are dormant or less active in producing protein, so some types of stimulation can wake them up…

   Murakami, director of Japan’s Foundation for Advancement of International Science, believes that laughter may be one such stimulant and is leading research to prove it.  Thus far, one of his studies proved that laughter lowered diabetics’ blood glucose level when subjected to stand-up comedians of Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. Ltd.

   …His latest experiment with the entertainment firm spotted at least 23 genes that can be activated.  Eighteen of them are designed to work for immune response, signal transduction and cell cycle, while functions of the remaining five are still unknown.

    OK doc., shouldn’t our prescriptions read as such: exercise, an apple, and laughter a day to keep the doctor away?  Certainly, for there are no side effects and the price tag of a video rental is trivial when compared to the rising cost of health care and health care coverage.