Ten Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t!

I haven’t done a real mid-week me in a while and so I figured that it was time. I’ve tried to be good about keeping you all updated on how my mental health is, but these are just as fun to share with my readers!
So, while future-posting and watching Dancing With the Stars (learning to ballroom dance has made me want to watch this show … I never watched it before this season!) I’ll tell my readers about.

The idea here is to write about ten things you have done that you’re pretty sure are unique – that no one else has done – and then you share. Knowing my friends and my faithful readers, I’ll probably get at least one “Hey! I’ve done that, too!” comment! Please do speak up if you have! I’d love to hear that I’m not unique! If you want to do this for your own blog, leave me a comment and I’ll link it within this post, too!

Ten Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t!

Ten Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t!

1. I called my mom from Berlin, Germany to tell her that I was dying my hair blonde. Seriously, calling my mom, from a pay phone, in downtown Berlin to tell her I was going to do it was hilarious! What was she going to do? Ground me?

2. I’ve seen every episode of LOST (all three seasons) and every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy as well … at least once. I love the shows, what can I say!?

3. I have been both married and divorced before the age of 25. I married my high school sweetheart and we were better off friends than husband and wife, so three months before I turned 25, I celebrated a finalized divorce.

4. I have stopped mid-blog entry to clean my kitchen spotless. I did that tonight. I did that with this entry. I stopped before I even started listing things! I had to go into the kitchen, do all the dishes in the sink (and there were quite a few!), clean the counters off, and generally just pick it up. Something in me just made me stop and do it.

5. I learned to use power tools with a professional & world-class ballroom dancer. At the studio, when we were getting it all going, Jim had to teach someone to use the panel saw, the miter saw and the drill press. I learned. It was cool!

6. I earned a degree in German. It sits on an end table in my living room. While it’s pretty useless right now, it’s sure pretty to look at and makes me darned proud I could do it!

7. I had an umbillical hernia (probably from eating too much taco time & then working out strenuously) emergency surgery while I was a sophomore in high school. It’s how I met my high school sweetheart for the first time.

8. I’ve owned a coffee table from the 1910’s. I have my feet on it right now. It needs to be refinished and I’m thinking about doing that over winter break, but we’ll see.

9. I’ve written two novels. I’ve written them for National Novel Writing Month. I’m trying again this year. Anyone want to join me?
10. I’ve had my name legally changed three times now. From my birth last name to my dad’s last name. Then from my dad’s last/maiden name to my married name. I submitted the paperwork for my NEW name on Friday morning so that will be #3.