Your Spouse Effects Your Health

 Research shows that your spouse effects how well you recover from surgery or other health issues.  Personality traits such as negativity, depression, anxiety and anger all contribute to increased depression in the patient, resulting in lessened ability to recover or survive following a surgery.

   We have long known that a person’s mood effects their health and well-being, and a positive attitude leads to good recovery rates in the short term.  This study is different in that it is exploiting long term health effects a negative partner has on your health.

…the spouse’s personality – quite independent of the patient’s own personality – exhibited a major influence on how well the patient was feeling and progressing towards recovery…

Depression is an important consideration in the treatment of cardiac patients as it is increasingly recognized as a significant risk factor in heart attacks and death.

   Happiness and optimism are the best medicine for recovery, 51% of American women have their own solution.