How to Take Magic Mushrooms Properly

How to Take Magic Mushrooms Properly

The sole purpose of these tips is to promote the safe consumption of mushrooms in psilocybin, if this is legal. Currently, recreational use is not allowed in the US. In Brazil, Vietnam, Jamaica and the Netherlands, recreational consumption of psilocybin mushrooms is permitted. Travelers or residents who want to experiment can refer to this guide for the safest experience. Buy psilocybin Canada can provide you the magic mushrooms. If you buy psilocybin Canada, then you must know about the usage of them. If you want to grow mushrooms you can click here to know.

Program. A trip with magic mushrooms can take between four and eight hours. It is therefore best to allocate a whole day to this experience. Even after the descent, the lasting effects can last for hours.

Find an attendant. Often referred to as the “Trip Sitter”, it is important to have someone near you who does not consume psilocybin, especially for beginners. Someone who already has experience with psychedelics is preferable. A traveler must be a trusted person who understands that she has been committed to a full day.

Can. A typical dose of psilocybin sold on the recreational black market is about 3.5 grams, an eighth of an ounce, enough to fill the bottom of a small sandwich bag. However, studies conducted at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and published in 2011 indicate that many inexperienced users should consider starting with a lower dose. Study participants received 5, 10, 20, and 30 milligram psilocybin capsules, each one month apart. Although the association of the capsule dose with mushrooms – the typical recreational method for consumption – is inaccurate, doses of less than one gram of mushrooms range up to about five grams at the highest dose.

The gradual increase in dosages from month to month has led to the highest levels of well-being, life satisfaction and “sustained positive mood”. Although the lowest dose had positive effects, the 20-milligram dose recorded the biggest increase in well-being, suggesting that the 3.5-gram bag of mushrooms not far removed from the dose is optimal, especially for those who have already used magic mushrooms.

Eat before. During a magic mushroom trip the appetite is suppressed. It is therefore advisable to have a meal an hour or two in advance.

Consume. Mushrooms have an earthy and bitter taste. They are not very tasty. A mushroom-flavored reddit thread compared Psilocybin cubensis with raw spaghetti, dust on butterfly wings and soil right after the rain. There are various ways to eat magic mushrooms to make the taste more bearable.

The mushrooms are often ground before consumption, either with a mortar and pestle or with a coffee grinder. Ground psilocybin mushrooms can be prepared as tea by soaking in boiling water and filtering. Magic Mushroom Tea can be combined with decaffeinated tea, ginger, honey or lemon to reduce the bitter taste. Ground mushrooms can also be mixed with smoothies or orange juice. Popular options include eating mushrooms on a sandwich or with chocolate.

Many people feel sick when they use magic mushrooms, usually in the first hour. Vomiting and stomach cramps are common. Many claim to be more successful with capsules or tea than whole mushrooms. Milling mushrooms for use in smoothies could also facilitate digestion. But there is no foolproof solution, so it’s better to experiment with magic mushrooms by anticipating possible side effects, which does not mean something is wrong.

It can take up to 30 minutes to experience the effects of magic mushrooms. Typically, peak effects occur two to three hours after ingestion, regardless of dose.

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