A Complete Guideline to Grow Mushrooms in Home

A Complete Guideline to Grow Mushrooms in Home

People nowadays often try to grow mushrooms in their container since these mushrooms are very healthy and contain no fats and excess calories. Due to being highly healthy, mushrooms are used for the patients who are affected with diabetes and even cancer. It has been proved that mushrooms have an excellent ability to fight the cancer cells and reduce their growth. Buy shrooms online Canada provide every kind of healthy mushrooms, if you want to eat them or even if you want to grow them in your container.

We all know that like the plants and other vegetation, mushrooms don’t grow from seeds. They grow from the spores. If you want to grow mushrooms in your container, then first you need the spores or an entire fungus. To get it, you may mail order mushrooms or can go to a local shop to buy one. These are the following fungi that can be ideal to grow in the container – Cremini, Shiitake, White button, Oyster, Maitake, Enoki, Portobello and so on. However, you need to know about the poisonous mushrooms too so that you can avoid being wrong.

How to Start the Process of Growing Mushrooms

Before starting, first, find an ideal place where the mushrooms can be grown. They generally prefer dark, cooler and moist areas. It is also important about the medium that you are using to grow mushrooms. Try to use a composted medium or a soil medium mixed with a lot of sawdust, wood chips and others. Last of all, where can you find your desired spores of mushrooms? Well, you can get that from “buy shrooms online Canada” because they provide each and every type of fungi along with the spores.

Now, let us assume that you have made things ready. So, let’s start our process.

  1. Fill the container

Get a large and 10 inches deep tray of the container. You can have more deeper but minimum 10 inches are required. Fill the container with the available medium. The best medium can be the compost because compost contains all essential elements needed for the fungi. Without this, compost can retain your moisture and can regulate the temperature. In fact, compost can be a very nice idea to use as the medium for growing mushrooms.

  1. Control the temperature

Compost are basically cooler medium, and they can reduce the temperature further. That’s why it would be wise to use a heating pad to prevent the temperature from falling. Mushrooms grow best at 55 to 60-degree Fahrenheit.

  1. Keep the medium moist and add the spores

After covering the medium with soil, don’t apply water thoroughly. Apply water to moist the soil, not to wet it. After that add the spores of the desired fungi and slowly, they will develop. Remember, the poisonous fungi generally appear within some days while the beneficial ones may take weeks. So, you can still distinguish the poisonous fungi.

  1. Harvest

When mushrooms are mature, cut them from the stem. Don’t try to uproot the entire fungi as it can destroy the entire colony and the other baby mushrooms.

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