Best Mushrooms to Grow for Profit

Best Mushrooms to Grow for Profit

Buy shrooms online Canada can provide you the necessary spores of fungi if you want to grow mushrooms in your own container, land or garden. It doesn’t matter how much land you own, you produce massive number of mushrooms even in your little box. The mushrooms nowadays in the market are very expensive and people have started cultivating mushrooms for some profit. To grow mushrooms, you need to maintain these factors properly – light, temperature, moisture and humidity. Mushrooms grow best at higher humidity.

If you have no experience about growing mushrooms in your container or garden, then don’t panic. Growing mushrooms isn’t so difficult. All you need is the area, the spores and proper environment. You can get the fresh spores of essential mushrooms like Shiitake, Maitake, White button, Reishi, Cremini either from “Mushrooms Canada” or you can mail order mushrooms. In this post, I will explain about the best mushrooms which can be grown easily for profit.

  1. Shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake is the most common mushroom in the Chinese and Japanese recipes and dishes. Without this, shiitake is the best and the most beneficial mushroom among the entire mushroom variety. However, it is quite easy to grow these mushrooms indoor and they yield very well. According to the mushroom farmers, a 40 inches long log can yield 2 to 4 pounds of these mushrooms. These mushrooms require a partial shade and the temperature need to be maintained within 45 to 85-degree Fahrenheit. It is better to keep them at the northside. You need to provide water to keep the place and the medium moist. There is 2 fruiting stage per year.

  1. Maitake

Maitake mushrooms are called the Hen of the Woods. These mushrooms have a delicious chicken flavor and the price of these mushrooms are too high in the market. You can grow them inside your home and container. Most importantly, you need to buy the spores of the Maitake from any reputed stores like “buy shrooms online Canada”, since this species of mushroom is much sensitive to its environment. It provides one fruiting stage per year.

  1. Oyster

The appearance of these mushrooms is really impressive. The cultivation of Oyster is easier than the others, and they are productive too. There are only few mushrooms that can be the competitor of it. The medium on which you are planning to grow Oyster, must be soft woods like willow, poplar and aspen. They also propagate on the coffee grounds or the cardboard. Cultivating these mushrooms in the hot summer is the best idea. You can expect two fruiting period per year from them.

  1. Reishi

Reishi mushrooms have a beautiful and appreciating look. One can sell these mushrooms at a good price and can also cultivate it easily on hardwood. Reishi is well reputed for its medicinal benefits and these mushrooms usually don’t fruit above the ground. You can use sawdust to propagate them and can control the environment for fruiting purposes. It enjoys the high humidity and prefers to stay at 60 to 95-degree Fahrenheit during fruiting stage.

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