How Can You Grow Mushrooms Easily in Your Home

How Can You Grow Mushrooms Easily in Your Home

Mushrooms are so diverse, delicious and earthy and they are so versatile! You can add it to salads, casseroles, to food or as a side dish. They are fantastically raw, steamed, cooked, fried, sauteed and baked. You can get a complete guideline about growing mushrooms from here.

Instead of buying them only in supermarkets, you can learn how to grow mushrooms in your own garden. It is certainly cheaper if you have everything set up and have a feed. Remember that you must acquire a basic understanding of mycology (the science of fungus) before you begin. At a minimum, you need to be able to identify the fungi that you breed and solve any problems that may arise during the growth process. You can get fresh spores from “buy shrooms Canada.”

But do not worry, with a very basic understanding of mushroom cultivation, it is possible to grow and harvest mushrooms safely and safely.

A bit about mushroom cultivation

In Western society, almost five decades ago, there was only one variant of the mushroom that could be eaten: the white-toothed mushroom, also known as Agaricus bisporus. This type of mushroom can be bred with straws and compost from horse manure.

In the East, on the other hand, various types of fungi were bred in the 1970s: The peoples of the Eastern cultures cultivated a number of woody mushrooms that were actually bred with logs. Among these species we find the Flammulin velutipes of Curtis Singer, the Enoke of the Auricularia polytricha Mont. Sacc., The ear of the forest and the Edodes of Lentinual.

In the 19th century, little was known about the growth of spores or fungi, and this lack of understanding had a major impact on how mushrooms were actually bred at that time. For example, the producer had to collect fruit in pieces, which removed them from their natural habitat. The fungi were then placed in a fresh substrate type and the spores in turn would colonize the selected substrate so that more fructifications would develop from the selected fungi.

Mushrooms grow:

Even today, many types of mushrooms can not simply be bred because you can not tell how the fruits develop. We know that they initially take the form of dusty spores that are released from the pores or gills under the mushroom capsules of adult specimens. We also know that a fungus stays in the mycelium stage most of its life. Here the mushroom is part of a network of moisturized fibers that contain wood and penetrate organic enzymes.

At present there are many more species in Eastern and Western societies that you can breed more safely than ever before. Of the 14,000 types of mushrooms, however, about 250 types of mushrooms were considered safe food.

Some interesting facts:

According to Don Simoni of Mushroom Adventures, a mushroom-based company in San Francisco, most of the fresh mushrooms available on the market are already three to five days old. Of course, they are still delicious and edible, but after the second day of harvesting something happens for mushrooms and flavor changes. If you learn to grow mushrooms yourself, you have the tastiest and freshest mushrooms you have ever tasted in your life.

You need to take time to plant and harvest mushrooms. As a planter you need a lot of patience, because these mushrooms grow when they are finished and not before. The easiest to grow mushrooms include Portabellos, wine capsules, shiitakes and white caps (sometimes referred to as white mushrooms or cremini), the latter being the most popular and popular ones. Buy shrooms Canada can provide you a complete and nonpoisonous spores to grow.

For a long time, the favorite mushrooms, such as Portobello and Cremini, were set aside, not because they were not edible, but because they did not have the pretty white color desired by the varieties with white buttons. Today, these mushrooms are cheaper and are used in many recipes. The difference between the white cap Agraricus bisporus and the Portobello is that the latter is ripened in the first, so that the mushroom of the white button later becomes Portobello.

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